What Is Couchtuner And Its Best Alternatives and Similar Sites 2018

couchtuner alternatives

Nowadays, people have become so addicted to their phones that they do most of their works through phones and entertainment is not an exception. People love watching TV shows, Movies for their entertainment. But today instead of watching it on TV, they watch it online on some websites. Watching your favorite TV show or movie online on streaming websites is very convenient and easy.

But you might know that Couchtuner is not a genuine and legal site. That is why it keeps getting blocked over and over again by the authorities. Just in case, if CouchTuner has been blocked in your country, You can try some of CouchTuner alternatives and these alternatives sometimes are called as CouchTuner 2.0 by fans. Some of alternatives are way better than CouchTuner.

There are many different websites currently that offer free media streaming to their users and CouchTuner is one of these websites. It is the finest media streaming website. At CouchTuner, you can stream all your favorite content without singing up.

Couchtuner : Best Alternatives And Similar Sites 2018

  1. Fmovies

Fmovies is my personal favorite. I had used it in past and it is one of the best website for watching TV shows and movies. It is the perfect alternative of CoucTuner and it has the capability to be called as CouchTuner 2.0. In fact, It is better than CouchTuner.

The content at Fmovies is organized very nicely and the design of the website is also nice. Its interface looks appealing to the eyes. They have a huge number of free movies and TV shows and I can guarantee you that you will find your desired content there easily. They have a search box too for searching specific movie or TV show.

Fmovies doesn’t host any file on their servers rather they depend upon third party sources to provide the content. There will be many servers to watch your favorite movie or TV show. Which means you will get uninterrupted streaming service. Fmovies has a Request section where you can request your TV show or Movie. The content of the website is of high quality with subtitles. This website definitely deserves a try.

  1. Putlocker

The next alternatives to CouchTuner is PutLocker. This is also a free online media streaming site and it has many things common to the Fmovies. PutLocker is also seems better than CouchTuner because it has well organized content. It has many different categories which include Featured, Genre, Country, Movies, TV Series, Years and Requests.

This website also uses third-party sources to broadcast the content. PutLocker doesn’t host the content on their own server. Bat this website, Each movie will have a rating, You can use this rating to select best movies to watch. This rating will give you an insight about the movie.

Both PutLocker and Fmovies are free of cost. But the only drawback is that both Fmovies and PutLocker have too many pop-up ads. Pop ups are very irritating and when they are in large number it becomes too hard to watch. If we leave aside the ads then PutLocker is a good alternative of CouchTuner.

  1. Movie4u

It is another great alternative to CouchTuner. It has a very large number of movies. It is known for providing a great number of movies to its users for free. If we talk about only movies then this is the best alternative which has a huge number of movies in its collection. But when it comes to TV shows , then they lack behind others.

Movies are organized nicely from New Releases to Featured Movies and from Latest Added, Latest HD movies, to Genres and Coming soon. Their movie collection is their power. While the weakness of this website is the always popping ads. When you open a category, A pop-up will be opened, which ruins your experience.

  1. MovieWatcher

Moviewatcher is also one of the alternatives of the CouchTuner. It is also completely free to use and registration is not required at this website. It will not host content on its servers but It will give you some external links, from those links you can easily stream your favorite movies.

TV shows are its one major drawback because the number of TV shows is very low. TV shows are not regularly updated and when you use this site you might not find the latest episodes. But still there are plenty of TV shows that can be streamed through this.

  1. Dare TV

The Dare TV is not too much popular among online media lovers but still it is the best website to watch content for free. It is a website which does not host the content directly, rather, the main work of this website is to give a link, which will take you to the main website of the content, where it is hosted.

The Dare TV is very easy to use, a person without much technical knowledge can use it. It has a large collection of both TV shows and movies. Which make it more likeable among the movie enthusiasts as well as TV series lovers.

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